The Beskow family comes, according to the family tale, from the town on the river Spree called Beeskow, approximately 70 km south-east of Berlin.

Our family ancestor, Ahrend Tobias Beskow, moved to Stralsund, which at that time belonged to Sweden. He took the name after his hometown. In Stralsund he gained burgers ship the 13th of May 1747. He was a skilled tailor and he also worked as a skroelderman.

He married Anna Catarina Zelms (Zilmer). They had eight children whereof three sons; Johan Jacob, Henric Nicolaus and Michael Bernhard moved to Sweden during the 1770ies. Ahrend Tobias died 1786 and his wife in 1791, both in their 70th year, in Stralsund.

The family in Sweden consists of two branches. Johan Jacob became the stem father of the family´s older branch. He worked as an assessor and surgeon in Arboga until his death 1795. His medical library is kept intact in the older branch.

The middle brother Henric Nicolaus became merchant in Stockholm and an industrial manager. He was also artistically active and sketched on copper plates as a pupil to Louis Jean Desprez. He died unmarried 1835.

Michael Bernhard came to be stem father to the family´s younger branch. He was a gros merchant and industrial manager in Stockholm. The 1st of October 1779 he applied for and got burgers ship in the capital, where he worked till his death 1835.

His son Bernhard (1796-1868) was knighted Baron Bernhard von Beskow for the excellence of his church lyrics. He also became the secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy. He died without having any children.